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We're passionate, smart and diverse and we're building the future of digital commerce 

Created by a team of successful startup leaders, QuoteMachine enables independent retailers to sell efficiently high-value sales (high-end furniture, jewelry, sporting goods, etc...). When buying expensive items, consumers expect a more personalized experience, that's why most of high value sales are still happening in-store. At QuoteMachine, we believe that empowering sales associate to converse and sell online is the future of the digital commerce.

With its highly scalable technology, QuoteMachine aims at helping thousands of businesses in the next couple of years. We partner with leading software companies like Lightspeed to fuel our growth. We are looking for the smartest people to help us bring QuoteMachine to the next level.  

JD Rocheteau

CEO & co-founder


Jonathan Muschalle

CTO & co-founder